If you Feel It

17.01.2014 18:59

Feel It-Big black train
Feel it-Comes his own way
Feel It-He's like world isn't he?
Feel It-Tell me what y can see.

Feel It-Can y see this?
Feel It-world full of light
Feel It-happy people having fun
Feel It-children ride a bike
Feel It-And nobody see's moon.

Feel It-But it isn't a reality
Feel It- Only imagine
Feel It-Reality is...
Feel It-Our world in totality.
Feel It-Only They know
Feel It-what is right..

Feel It- you're bored from that
Feel It-And you want comeback
Feel It- But there is no place to hide
Feel It-when they want
Feel It-see us die.

Feel It-Angry
Feel It-Power
Feel It-Pain,and another..

Feel It-emocion's of evil
Feel it-when you be powerful will..
Feel It-you can beat all soldier's you meet.

Feel It-Cause y have a target
Feel it-on the end of the way
Feel it-and y can do it may..

If you will understand our feelings

Feel It-come with me..
Feel it-and we will conquerd this!
Feel It -No one be miss.

We will stand here,and the end of the night.
Finally we' won this fight!

Feel It-That luck!

Feel It-Big city
Feel It-Now ruins only stand!
Feel It-that was for end...

Isn't it beautifull?..

My Dear Love?