17.01.2014 19:06

You re angel,
envoy of gods powery
Somewhone told me this is so mystery
You do good things everywhere you can
And nothing want for this,agian

When you crying
I am smiling
When you smiling
I am crying.

When you are happy
I am sad
And nobody can bet
More than us in this game

I have no lords i am on my own!
It will be a tíme when i will blow.
But not tonight, not here!
When will be warriors scream heart there

When you see beauty, i saw pain
When you see paradise sky, i saw burned hell.

Standed here at world end
A place we want to live
Reaseon is:
We born to die.

2 souls in one body
Hidden for everybody.
Some people wants to studied us
If you see me you want died fast

But you..
Want to destroy our paradise
And rebuilt it to some new place.
Without fear you looking to my face..
Who are better?
Who have true?
Can you understand how we move?

A lot of blood must pure for it
So much people must fight..
For us!

we will fight
And nobody wins