The Way

17.01.2014 19:13

The man, alone in the night,
How long he never see light?

Just always walk in the cold way.
He can save himself may...
But why?
Now he has everything
and nothing in the same time
its up to you choose your own way!
But what if-nobody listen to you?
what if-nobody quite you?

Alone man walking on dark way
maybe he never feel the day

And now he found lucky in suffer of others
I am sorry but its true my dear brothers.

A free countries, many of beautiful kingdooms
Its for him like an open doors.
When he arrived there, for the first time
All of they must prepare to die.

Now he is like shadow, man walking in the night world.
It will be always true that.
They want more.

From beautiful state
to place full of dead ruins
it is so terrible but it means..
They were here-army of dead souls.
Somewho! please protect us!

You can have a undefeat army
but at the day when they come
trust me.
Soldiers will never save you
And then you will see the true.

But if you tell that
what do you see.
They will just laughting at you.
And you can t stay at..
these place.

So you decide to be at night
but you can t tell that right?
You must pretend,
that you re one of them.